Delsi 2.0
 Delsi FAQ

Q: What if Delsi functionality is not enough for my simulation project?

A: Please, let us know about the functionality you need. The possible outcomes are the following:

  • We may suggest you a work-around using existing functionality.
  • We may include this functionality into future releases.
  • We may propose a custom development project to implement the required functionality.

Q: We have difficulties with understanding simulation concepts / formalizing our business processes / developing applications. Can Holushko Software help us?

A: Yes, we can. We provide services in consulting and custom application development.

Q: I'm planning to develop simulation application for my customer using Delsi. May I transfer a copy of Delsi.dll to my customer together with my application?

A: No, you may not. Your customer should purchase Delsi license. In that perspective, Delsi is simular to a commercial SQL server.

Q: The capabilities of the trial version is enought for my customer. Can I deliver my applcation to my customer with a trial version of Delsi?

A: No, you may not. The trial version of Delsi may be used only for evaluation and education purposes. Your customer is still required to purchase Delsi license, as well as you are.

Q: What if I want to use Delsi.dll in a server environment, so it will be used by multiple users?

A: The license agreement for Delsi 2.0 Standard Edition prohibits doing this. Please, contact us to negotiate the license agreement for Delsi 2.0 Server Edition.

Q: Your TMultiRand component doesn't include the probability distribution that I need. Can I use third-party components for generating random numbers?

A: Absolutely. One of the possible choices is a library developed by Stefan Troschuetz and available here:

Q: Is there any open-source version of Delsi?

A: No. However we consider ourselves quite open in many ways:

  • The trial version with complete functionality (but with limited capacity) is available for download.
  • The trial version doens't expire.
  • All documentation is available for download separately from the setup program. So you can first read, then setup.
  • License agreement is available prior to purchasing
  • The main algorithms are described in the documentation.
  • All downloads are anonimous.

Q: Do you plan to release Delsi components for Java?

A: If you wish to have Delsi components for Java, let us know (send us an e-mail). If the number of such votes becomes essential, we will consider the option of transalating Delsi to Java.